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The Role of a Website in Lead Generation

The role of the website has been a changing one over the last several years as the World Wide Web has been intruding more and more into our business lives. While in the beginning a website was mostly a curiosity for a business to have, it has now become an essential tool in lead generation. […]

CCS Plays Rock Band in Business!

Things are crazy and Internet Marketing for local businesses is taking off! I mean, we’re in a recession and our company is still growing year after year. Companies need to be found in the Internet, PERIOD. See, CCS is marketing company with some extremely bright minds. These people I work with are incredible, they have […]

Local Keyword Tool Released

Whether you’re a local business owner or an online marketer for local businesses, this following tool with help you a tonne. Released to the public by Local Marketing Source, LLC, is their new local keyword tool. See, people use different phrases to find local businesses.  Some might use the town, or the town jargon, the […]