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New Features to Look for at Google

Google Mobile: Both the iPhone App Store and the Android marketplace have been growing like mad over the last year. When spending your money on Apps, usually you want to do a little research before purchasing…which is where Google comes in to play. Any Internet marketing agency should take note of this, as SEO may become […]

Google’s Philosophy: We follow them as well

Google’s philosophy is quite simple: Follow the rules and the results will follow. The following article, taken from Google’s corporate website, talks about Google’s philosophy. At CCS, we follow a lot of these core principles. We work in a casual environment but our work and commitment to customers is serious. Our prime goal is to […]

Google News

 Google Maps   Google made a recent change to Google Maps.  Now all edits made by users or an internet marketing agency must be reviewed and approved before the changes will be shown.  It used to be that edits could still be in a “pending” state and they would still be instantly publicized and […]