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Will the Google-Verizon Deal Change the Internet Forever?

Many have predicted this type of event coming for years, but with an upcoming deal that is in the works between Google and Verizon, it is possible that the equilibrium that has existed on the internet for as long as it has been around will be shifted forever.  This effects all who use the internet, […]

The Lowdown on Search

As always, there are lots of new announcements floating around at Google. This is equally important for an internet marketing agency as it is for the casual surfer.  For instance, in the never ending quest to make things easier for web users, Google has a new tutorial aimed at making video publishing easier to understand. […]

Google is Calling Local Businesses

You happen to receive a phone call from someone that identifies his or her self as being a Google representative. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s a phone scam. It has been confirmed by Mike Blumenthal (of Google) that these phone calls are an element in Google’s venture to tidy up local business records […]