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3 Steps to Rank #1 on Google for your Small Business

Now that’s we’ve hit 2017, it’s safe to say that the Search Engine Optimization, SEO industry has matured. I remember in 2005 working with Couriers and Transportation firms and I would get the ‘deer-in-headlight-look’ when I said anything Internet. “We don’t need to be on the Internet” they said. You think they were wrong? You […]

The Ultimate Marketing Tip for SEO: Leverage your Reviews

All About Reviews It is said the best form of marketing has always been Word of Mouth Marketing. Reviews are simply the digital form of WOM. Except, we seem to live in an online world where customers won’t hesitate to leave a negative review, but rarely are they excited to log into Yelp and leave […]

Local Business Website Mobile Conversion Process

There are many reasons you might want to consider converting your website to be mobile compliant. In this article, I discuss in greater detail the implications. (click here to check if your website is mobile compliant) Bottom line, if your website is not mobile compliant, you are already losing profit. Period. WON Marketing Conversion Process […]

3 Reasons Why EVERY Local Business NEEDS a Mobile Website Now!

You’re losing new customers You’re losing existing business Your Word of Mouth Marketing has a bleak future…. Let’s face it, you’ve heard this before…you need a mobile website. Well, I’m saying the same thing…except let give you a different perspective. Bottom line, you’re going to lose new customers, lose existing business and your word of […]

WON Marketing Inc. Announces new division, CHIROPRACTIC SEO to focus solely on Chiropractors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 1, 2015 CONTACT: Contact Person: Scott Gallagher Company Name: WON Marketing, Inc. Voice Phone Number: 847-807-4382 Email Address: Website URL: WON Marketing Inc. Announces new division, CHIROPRACTIC SEO to focus solely on Chiropractors <Algonquin, IL – January 29, 2015> On the company’s founder 10 years anniversary of being an […]

5 Things that will help you with your budget in 2015

When planning your marketing budget for 2015, consider… Personalization Not to be confused with, “Hey there, [First Name],” personalization is about the experience of the user, not the user themselves. Marketers everywhere have been liberally slapping personalization code everywhere the light touches and assume they’re providing context to the user. They’re not. Automation software like HubSpot […]

ROI and its Relationship to Internet Marketing

Three simple words, Return on Investment, have been at the center of business decisions for centuries. This traditional formula is used in each and every department of a functioning business. From finance to marketing, companies need to know that resources being spent are adding to revenue and profit for the business at the end of […]