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Top 10 Strategies for Attorney to rank #1 in Google – Local SEO for Attorneys, Lawyers & Law Firms

1.   Profiles Establishing your profiles’ authority is critical. Follow Google’s Best Practices Guide, which can be found by googling “Google Best Practice Guide”. You will need to claim your listings, as chances are your business is already listed.  While there’s a long list of places to profile your business, you really need to claim at least Google, […]


The 7 Best Law Firm Marketing Techniques

The 80/20 rule says spend 80% of your time on the 20% of activities that yield 80% of the results. Many attorneys spin their tires grasping the newest shinny object.  Here you’ll read are the most effective marketing techniques we’ve seen with the hundreds of firms we’ve worked with. Choose a Specific Niche Over time, […]


How Lawyers can GET MORE DONE

One of the biggest obstacles I commonly see among lawyers in growing a practice is an inability to get things done. They just don’t seem to have enough time to work on their law firm’s growth because they are too busy working in their law firm’s daily duties. In essence, you are constantly putting out […]


Lawyer Marketing thoughts – Tracking is Essential!

You cannot grow your law firm if you don’t have a handle on your marketing costs and ROI. John Wannamaker, a pioneer in marketing, once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” This quote was true to a point back in the 1800s when […]

3rd Local SEO Pillar for Attorneys and Law Firm – Client Engagement and Reviews

Considering reviews, we’re going to be looking at the benefits of reviews, quantity versus quality, establishing profile Authority and social and review ranking, review filters, review creation, review acquisition strategies and patterns, Rich snippets, review coding and finally an overview of review sites their impact industry perception. What is a Review? A review is a […]

2nd Pillar of Local SEO for Attorneys – Citations and Content are King for Lawyers

Now that we are reminded that marketing a business on the Internet follows traditional marketing principles, we know from organic search engine optimization that links are very important for ranking and now I am telling you that citations from highly relevant sources are also important. So I guess the question becomes what is the difference […]

1st Pillar of Local SEO for Lawyers – Building Citations and Profiles

Local Listings Each of the major search engines have a different philosophy under local ranking, but there is one major common similarity among all three. They started their business ranking websites, now the search engines have the power to rank which businesses the general population chooses to do business with. With the introduction of integrated […]


6 Ways To Increase Law Firm Website Conversions

Getting a prospective client to your website is good, but it’s only half the battle. You want to engage a website visitor to stay on your site and take some kind of action in order for you to convert them into a new client. Below are six tips outlining what you should do to your […]

Local Search Engine Marketing (SEO) for Attorneys

The ‘Internet Marketing’ Industry is being hammered; it’s a highly unregulated, fragmented industry with little oversight, far-reaching best practices and simply poor business models.  The results have been businesses with little results, agencies and ‘experts’ with poor communication & execution and simply an industry with a poor image. Marketing a local business on the Internet […]