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Truly Thankful

We’re upon the time of year where we contemplate what we are thankful for.  The following piece was forwarded to me from a friend and customer. It says what I feel but wouldn’t know how to put in words. After reading this post (and thank you very much for reading by the way), please post what you are thankful for. The most inspiring entry by Dec. 1 will get one free email marketing campaign. Enjoy.
I read this quote a few years ago that impacted me…
“I am discovering the pursuit of thankfulness is more powerful than the pursuit of happiness.”
Notice it says ‘pursuit.’ I certainly have not mastered the level of thankfulness I should have, but the following is a great reminder for me and hopefully will be helpful to you.
Too many times we approach life thinking happiness and fulfillment are dependent upon relationships and circumstances. When these fail, we can fall prey to…‘get even,’ ‘defend yourself,’ ‘don’t forgive, they don’t deserve it,’ ‘I will be happier someplace else,’ or ‘I will be happier with someone else.’
We can easily end up frustrated in life and in some cases bitter. Would you agree with this statement?
The more we look at life through the lens of Thanksgiving, the more likely we are to see and experience what is truly intended for us.
Here is a principle that is worth reflection…
We are to be thankful even though circumstances may not be what they should be.
A couple of quick thoughts on how we can be truly thankful:
Look Up  for Perspective
A person was asked, ‘how are you?’ . Their answer was ‘OK, under the circumstances.’ The reply was ‘What are you doing under there?’
Too much time in life is spent looking down (woe is me), looking around (it’s their fault) instead of looking up to ‘things above’ to gain the right perspective.
Look Around  for a Blessing
During the Thanksgiving and holiday season, there is normally plenty of thanks, but what about the giving? Who will we reach out to this holiday season? I encourage all of us to look around for someone to help so that we may experience ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’
Look Within for an Attitude of Gratitude
Here’s an interesting perspective a man named Habakkuk had centuries ago…
“though the fig tree does not bud and there are not grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice…”
I’m convinced that we will never develop an attitude of gratitude as long as we depend upon circumstances in life to determine our happiness and level of thankfulness. The secret to genuine joy and being truly thankful is found in the condition of our hearts regardless of circumstances. Joy and thankfulness originate internally not externally.
There was a missionary in Africa holding a thanksgiving service and he was asking for favorite hymn/song requests from the congregation and they would sing them etc. Toward the end of the service there was lady in the back who held up her hand which obviously had leprosy. She poked her head out and you could see she had leprosy on her face and most likely over her body. The missionary asked her,’ what would you like to sing?’ She replied, “Count Your Blessings.”
Let’s count our blessings one by one, then we will see that we can be Truly Thankful.
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Rebecca Maloney / 19 June 2019 / Reply

Today I am thankful that my husband and I have managed to walk thru life together for 24 years. I am thankful that God has held us together even when we were not looking to Him. It is inspiring to read stories such as yours and know that we all struggle and need to lift each other up from time to time. So thank you for your lift up to my own walk with Christ and may you be blessed for helping others!

jimmy johnson / 19 June 2019 / Reply

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